Friday, 26 May 2017

paper planes

On monday room 14 watched a movie and then  we made a paper planes. First we all got a piece of  paper  and  we all went to a table. We all fode a piece of paper into a planes  then we went outside after lunch  we  went  outside in the bay to fly our planes and Kelly was the  winner and then we  all went  back inside the classroom.when we went inside we went to sit in the mat again then we were tipping about planes. V

Friday, 5 May 2017


At night the sky was black and no one could see where to go.

One day there  was a taniwha and it lived in the water and came  out when it was night to eat people and hurt them.

Tamarereti was hungry in the morning and there was no food in the kete.
Tamarereti was in the waka to go fish.
Tamarereti was asleep in the waka.
Tamarereti was hungry so he cooked the fish  from  in the kete.
Tamarereti was picking up some rocks.
Tamarereti was throwing the rocks up in the sky so the  taniwha won't eat him.
Tamarereti made the stars and he was happy.  

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bin it

  this is my movie about picking up rubbish at school  this is my animation

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


We are learning verbs

Read Going Fishing by Allyson Ross.  Highlight the verbs in the story that describes the action or doing words.

Going Fishing.

It was still dark when Mum crept into my room.  “Wake up, Finn.  We’re due at the marina in half an hour,” she whispered.  Blinking and yawning, I struggled into my clothes.

Our whole family had chartered a boat as a special treat for Dad’s birthday.  We were going fishing!   Peter, the captain welcomed us on board, and we all rushed off to explore.  My little brother Eli, got to try out the captain’ seat.
Then the engines rumbled, and the boat started to move.  We glided down the river and out into Lake Taupo.  There were hardly any other boats on the lake.  In the distance, we could see Mount Ruapehu covered in snow.  When Peter shut the engines off, it was suddenly very quiet.  All we could hear was the sound of waves slapping against the boat’s hull.

Peter showed us how to cast our fishing lines out into the water.  Then we waited …  and waited ….  Suddenly, I felt a sharp tug on my line.  I yelped with excitement.  “Reel it in.  Keep it steady,” Peter said.  I wound in the line frantically.  I could see a big, silver fish turning and twisting under the water.

“There its is,” someone shouted as the fish broke the surface.  I kept my fingers crossed as Claire scooped it into the net.  The trout struggled as Peter held it against the ruler on the edge of the boat.  “It’s plenty big enough,” he announced. “Phew!”  I held it up proudly so that Dad could take a photo.

The lines had only been in again for a few minutes when Ruby caught a fish.  But this one was too small.  Peter gently put it into the water, and it swirled away out of sight.  After that, no one had any bites for ages.  I’d almost given up when I felt another tug on my line.  I could hardly believe my luck - I’ hooked another rainbow trout.  This one was big to keep,

Friday, 24 February 2017

blow bubbles

On   Tuesday   all   of   room  14  went  outside   to  blow  bubbles under a the trees. First we was  lining  up  for   bubbles. Then we blew bubbles. It was fun.